Mats & Morgan ”Thanks for flying with us”  (Cuneiform)

Ward J Little ”Homing Tones” (NONS, 1997)

The Facer ”Final exit dissociate expose yourself” (Stockholm records, 2000)

Honung Konung Band ”Maurien” (Independent, 1996)

Teresa Perrelli ”I’ve come to play” (Daddy Longlegs, 2012)

Dynamo Bliss ”Circadian Rythm” (2011)

Grande Luxe ”Time measured in bitter chapters” (Independent, 2011)

P-O Johansson ”Just idag” (NIU, 2008)

Glass ”Why State the obvious” (Daddy Longlegs, 2009)

Andreas Rydman ”Simply amplify” (2012)

Andreas Rydman ”TBA – under production”

David Franzén ”Kärlek, frihet & broderskap”

David Sandström (Text) ”Sound Is Compressed; Words Rebel And Hiss”, (Desperate Fight,2000)

David Sandström ”Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag” (Demon Box 2001)

Heed ”Breakeven 2200” (EMI, 2000)

State Cows ”State Cows” (Avenue of allies, 2010)

State Cows ”Center of the sun” (Avenue of allies, 2011)

State Cows ”Hard goodbye” (Avenue of allies, 2011)

State Cows ”The second one” (Avenue of allies, 2013)

Daniel Andersson ”Days in LA” (Zinc music, 2008)

DP ”Strange ways” (2002)

Little Chris ”At last” (Stockholm Records/ Universal, 2002)

Erics Bluesband ”From town to town” (Rootsy, 2008)

Carolina Miskovsky ”Silence” (Baltic records, 2005)

Johannes Nordström ”En stor liten cd” (Independent, 2000)

Johannes Nordström ”Hågkomster” (Baltic records, 2002)

Viv Searcy ”Live it right”

Bronkko ”Metaliv” (Independent, 2013)

Bronkko ”Hälften kvar” (Independent, 2013)

Bronkko ”Tungan på vågen”


”Barn leker ute” av Per Hanefjord


Drumkit from hell superior (Toontrack)

Latin Percussion EZX (Toontrack)

Latin Percussion Refill (Toontrack)

EZ Drummer 2.0 (Toontrack)