Studio Bom Dia

It is all quite simple, you send me a wav, MP3 or similar with the song or songs that you need some percussion for, along with some thoughts or ideas with what you want. I record the tracks and send it back (or add it to a Dropbox folder or similar). Voilá!

I use Logic X and MacBom dia Old School logo, but I can also receive complete projects in Ableton Live or Reason (Record). All recordings are made with ADK and Line Audio microphones with Universal Audio Apollo preamps, unless you have specific needs, in wich case pretty much anything can be arranged.

Please contact me through the form on the ”contact” page or email me at: 

Prices per agreement

Some recordings made in the studio so far:

Viv Searcy ”Live it right”

Jan Tham

Brown Sneakers ”TBA”

Andreas Rydman ”TBA”

Rikard From & The Organics (Prel release oct -14)

Cecilia Gärding (In production)

Grande Luxe